Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sims 2: Face Factory (Dutch version)

I just received the Sims 2: Face Factory today. I got it from a girl that lives in Europe. The only problem is that it's in Dutch and not English. If you do not know Dutch, I wouldn't recommend this version. I've been trying to figure it out and even had to use for some parts of it. If I knew Dutch, it might be a little easier. You are supposed to be able to upload your photo and use it as part of your character in the game. I can't get past the uploading part. Besides that, you can transform anyone you have a photo of into a Sim to use in game. It uses your photos and allows you to make modifications while creating the Sim. It seems like a pretty interesting game.
"Sims 2: Face Factory 2" Features:
* Use your own photos of yourself or others to create Sims.
* Edit the Sim's face to your specifications
* No knowledge of 3D required
Below you will find some screenshots of the game.



  1. That sounds cool, unfortunately I don't know dutch.

  2. Have you tried going to Babblefish and typing in the Dutch instructions to se if the site could translate it ? Of course I've tried something similar with a letter I got from my aunt in Italian and all I got out of Babblefish was Babble ! Anna

  3. Almost Precious: I haven't tried Babblefish. Maybe when I have tons of time (whenever that will be), I'll give it a try. I can't get past make a person on it, ha.

  4. Can you upload it please ?